Lunar Rover

We designed and built this Lunar Rover for SpaceLS (an areospace company). It is currently on exhibit at the Asheville Museum of Science.

Mars Rover

We built two of these for the New York Hall of Science. 

Curiosity Mars Rover

Fully-funcational 1/10th scale replica of NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover. 

Lunokhod Lunar Rover

We constructed this 1969-era Russian Lunar Rover for the national space museum in Prague, Czech Republic

Mini Mars Rover

Built for a hands-on museum exhibit in Europe.


Our biologically-inspired 16-legged walking creature. Provided to the OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL CENTER for permanent exhibit.

Spirit II Mars Rover

Early prototype of our Mars Rover with solar panels, counter-rotating universal joint, and 6WD rocker bogie suspension system.

Kuala Lumpur Mini Mars Rovers

We built two of these for two science centers in the Petronas Towers in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.

Challenger Rover

The 6WD “Challenger” Rover was designed with its electronic components visible for educational purposes. 


Antonomous mecanum-wheeled rover we machined from a single block of metal. 


A mini version of the NASA  Mars Rover


Armor-plated mechatronic tank with 4WD strafing drive system, electric gun, and 360 degree gun turret. 


Our 12-legged Walking Creature. Provided to the OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL CENTER for permanent exhibit.


Our all-terrain rover with 6WD independent suspension, GPA navigation & ultrsonic object avoidance. 


RobotZone asked us to design a robot using parts from their new Actobotics product line, so we developed this cool mutlipurpose rover. 

Black Dragon

Our carbon fiber Arduino-based drone with automatic take off and landing, GPS navigation, and ultrasonic terrain following. 

Black Hornet

Our tiny carbon fiber flying drone robot. 

Flyer 1

Our first flying robot drone, with insect-like curved legs and a mini FPV camera. 

Flying Robot Drone

We designed & built this flying robot drone. It’s equipped with automatic take off and landing, GPS navigation, sonar for terrain following, a GoPro for HD video recording, and video goggles for FPV flying. 

I.C. 12 Droid

Our first robot. Inspired by a Star Wars droid.