When I first saw Roam-bot I thought he was pretty cool. He talked (at this time we had no talking robots) and he had a aluminum box that hides all of his wires. He was neat, and could go by himself using ping sonar.

When you first turned him on he says “Ready, roger, roger, find best direction” in a deep voice then turns his head to each side saying the number of inches until an object. He says “_ inches, _inches, _ inches” Then goes the direction in which there is the most amount of inches. Now that’s pretty awesome!

We ran into a problem when we came to the point were we needed a caster. No sizes fit his front. While waiting for different sizes to be delivered, we temporally put on a furniture felt pad on so we could still play with him. It worked great! Still none of the sizes fit, so it became permanent. He now can only go on wood floors, but thats okay because we have lots of it!

Roaming Robot

Roaming Robot – Top View

Roaming Robot – Front View