Media Coverage

Fox News Channel: Beatty Robotics featured in Fox & Friends interview.


President Obama speaks about Beatty Robotics in speech to the nation June 14 and 15, Beatty Robotics visits the White House.



Camille gives an excellent overview of Beatty Robotics at the BIF Innovation Conference 


Beatty Robotics appears in Google commercial:  At 0:29, when he says, “And now you walk… like a champion” that’s our “Creepy Crawler” robot. When he says “from Earth’s brightest builders to our greatest explorers” (0:43) that’s Genevieve testing the early prototype of our Mars Rover.

World MakerFaire 2013 Editor’s Choice Award:  Beatty Robotics was deeply honored to be awarded the Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon and the Educator’s Choice Award for our Mars Rover project.

Popular Science Magazine:  Beatty Robotics was featured in the December 2013 print edition of Popular Science Magazine.

Yahoo! Documentary: During the grand opening of the Mars Rover exhibit in New York, we spent a day with a film crew from Yahoo! to shoot the first episode of their new “The Future Is Now!” series. It was great fun.


The following Monday morning, we were invited to the ABC television studio in Times Square where the girls were featured on the “Good Morning America Live!” show.


The famous “Mohawk Guy” at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) comments on Beatty Robotics in a tweet…

Bobak Ferdowsi Tweet


Here are links (in yellow) to some of our other media coverage:


MAKE Magazine: an excellent article by Andrew Terranova called Maker Family Builds Museum Quality Mars Rover an in-depth interview, “Beatty Robotics builds Mars Rover, blows our minds” an article by Miriam Kramer: Sister Act: Schoolgirls Build Working Mars Rover Model” which was also published by:, Yahoo! News, Huffington Post, E! Science News, EZ-Robot, and many others.

Discovery Magazine:  “Intruders Beward: Homemade Security Robot”

Nudatech: names our Mars Rover as one of the “Top Arduino Projects of 2013”

New York Times Tech Blog writes about meeting Beatty Robotics at World Maker Faire 2013

The Blaze:  a posting by Family Build Armored Rapid Shot Robot and More

Max’s Little Machine Shop:  Names Beatty Robotics as “one of the premier sites in amateur robotics development…”

MAKE Magazine: “Sweet CNC Build”

MAKE Magazine: “Beatty Robotic’s Awesome CNC Setup”  “The Mechatronic Tank and Spirit II”

Circuit Cellar: Article about the World Maker Faire 2013

Venture Beat: an article by Jolie O’Dell, “Check out the Mars Rover these two girls built in their garage”

Stan Winston School of Special Effects and Character Art: an excellent blog posting

New York Time Out Kids

New York Metro Parents: a posting by Melanie Shapiro, “NYSCI Unveils Kid-Built Mars Rover Robot in Mars Exhibit”

The Mary Sue Website an article by Isabella Kapur:  “Preteen Sisters Build Robot Modeled After Mars Rover For New York Hall of Science” a blog posting, “Mars Rover that two girls built in garage”

MakerFaire:  NYSci Village: Mars Rover

New York Hall of Science YouTube Channel, an excellent video interview with Camille

Niddy News – Nano Rap: video interview Beatty Robotics is featured on their own page on

Technabob: an article by Conner Flynn, “Sisters Build Their Own Mars Rover”

New York Hall of Science: a blog posting, Beatty Robotics builds NYSci’s Next Generation Rover


Engineering on the Edge


Society of Robots

Yahoo! Weather:  A posting about Lunokhod

TechHive: “Mechatronic Security Robot Is Remarkably Formidable”

Tom’s Guide: Homemade Robotic Tank

Robot Living:  Mechatronic Tank

Oregon Herald

Escapist Magazine:  an article, “45 pounds of Robotic Badassery”

Keep America At Work

Modulox:  “Mechatron Robot Uses Modulox!”

Armed Robots . Com:  “Homemade armored gunbot”

Let’s Make Robots . com

Hack A Day . Com:  “Mechatron, industrial looking security bot”

Geek Tyrant: “Meet Mechatron: Home Security Bot”

Garage Lab . Com

GeekyGadets.Com  “Homemade Mechatronic Tank”

IMDb News


Pipeline Entrepreneurs 

Technabob  “Mechatronic Robot Tank Built by Father-Daughter Team Looks Bad-Ass”

Pololu Youtube Channel: includes footage of our Mars Rover in their demonstration video on the Maestro Servo Controller.

Electronic Engineering Journal: 

CSO Online

Super Hadouken

Fish & Game Texas  “Autonomous Home Security Robot”




Byte Que Eu Gosto (Spanish)

Kotaku, a cool article in Japanese (Japan)

AMSAT-UK (Radio Amateur Satellites) (United Kingdom)

 Le Huffington Post (France)

Protoneer (New Zealand)

 Tunisky.Com (France)


Indian Dragon (India)

Semageek (French)

Robootika (Russia)

BotRoom (Germany) – “Mechatronik Panzer”

TechTudo (French)

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